Whether you long to tantalize your taste buds on a unique culinary adventure, trek through tropical rainforests, dive with the ocean’s most beautiful marine life or simply lie back and soak up the sunshine, Sterling Yachting has you covered. This month by month guide on the world’s most stunning destinations is sure to inspire some fantastic sailing in 2023!

The Maldives

Dive in deep amongst kaleidoscopic coral reefs, gliding alongside graceful manta rays and colourful parrot fish in one of the world’s most spectacular natural aquariums. Iconic in their dazzling beauty, the impossibly idyllic islands of the Maldives promise a stay of unmatched tranquility and luxury.

Scattered across the skirt of the Indian Ocean, the 26 major atolls of the Maldives contain more than 1,190 islands, born from ancient coral reefs that formed around the sides of towering prehistoric volcanoes. These have long since sunk into the ocean, leaving behind coral islands of incredible natural beauty and a deliciously unhurried pace of life.

Costa Rica/Panama

Bordered between the magnificent Pacific Ocean and the stunning Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica provides a diverse selection of unspoilt cruising grounds to explore on a luxury yacht vacation. From rainforests brimming with wildlife, and dramatic vistas of volcanoes and mountain ranges to gorgeous golden beaches and azure waters, Costa Rica is an exotic getaway for adventurers, wildlife lovers and sun-worshippers alike.

A small country in the North America/South America connection, Panama is an enchanting country which hosts a combination of colonial architecture with modern skyscrapers. Featuring the world famous 48 mile canal and more species of birds than the entire expanse of North America, Panama is an incredible location for any yacht charter guest. Any trip to Panama should start at the magnificent Panama City. As capital to the prestigious country, the city is built high in the sky and is everything you could possibly want it to be. Essential for business and commercial industries, Panama City has the very best in every market. If shopping is your preferred pursuit, you’ll want to make sure you leave some time to stop over at  Albrook.

The Seychelles

Blessed by Mother Nature, the raw, perfect beauty of the Seychelles is virtually unparalleled. Its exquisite ribbons of white sands and coconut palms that fringe the sapphire seas, backed by forested wilderness, create the ultimate paradise destination where pure relaxation beckons you to the shores.

Encompassing two UNESCO world heritage sites, the 115 islands of the Seychelles are scattered across the Indian Ocean like precious jewels. Lying some 1,000 miles off the coast of Africa, the main island group consists of three islands; Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, each boasting breath-taking landscapes of green-swathed mountains, tranquil beaches and cascading waterfalls. Nature abounds throughout the idyllic shores, from unique exotic flora and fauna to nesting giant tortoises. Beneath the waterline is a kaleidoscope of colour with thriving coral reefs teeming with marine life, world-renowned snorkelling opportunities and dive sites to explore.

The Bahamas

A slice of tropical perfection, the exquisite and idyllic chain of islands that form the Bahamas offer unparalleled escapism and relaxation. The decadent cocktail of sun-drenched sands, remarkably clear waters teeming with colourful marine life, and landscapes of historic plantations create a picture-postcard destination.

Comprising more than 700 coral islands, the cruising grounds of the Bahamas archipelago offer a quintessential Caribbean charter experience within easy reach to the US mainland and the transport hubs of Florida. Generally shallow with many lagoons and bays only one or two metres at best, it is ideal cruising territory for yachts with a shallow draft or catamarans.

French Riviera

One of the most high profile locations for yacht charter, the French Riviera is the ultimate destination to see and be seen. With spectacular coastlines, stunning beaches and exquisite cuisine, the French Riviera exudes sophistication, offering a variety of indulgent attractions which lures visitors back time and again.

This celebrated Mediterranean region reaches from Marseilles and extends eastwards all the way to the Italian border. Although renowned as a glamorous charter vacation, particularly during the summer months, the French Riviera offers many charms making for a magical and opulent location for superyacht charter. From mouth-watering cuisine, gorgeous climates and beautiful scenic views, it is no wonder this destination is so appealing.


Home to some of the best scenery to be found the world over, Norway treats her visitors to truly awe-inspiring views as they make their passage through her coastlines and fjords. Flanked by steep, dramatic mountains, the mainland also serves as a source of endless inspiration.

With an island count comfortably in the tens of thousands, and a distinctly vibrant city life, Norway presents a wealth of opportunities when it comes to compiling a uniquely memorable charter itinerary. Indeed, as a firmly established yachting hub with a centuries-old marine tradition, Norway offers visitors the chance to enjoy the most sublime sights of Scandinavia both when underway and at anchor. A favoured destination amongst expedition yachts, Norway also benefits from a number of quiet bays which offer charterers the opportunity to vacation in total peace.

West Mediterranean

Timeless and enchanting, the Western Mediterranean is a treasure trove of history and culture. Separating Europe from Africa, this stunning body of water was the birthplace of luxury yacht charter and has evolved into one of the most appealing cruising grounds in the world. Fondly named Mediterraneus, meaning ‘centre of the world’ by the Romans, discover the spectacular shorelines, secret coves and majestic harbours of the Western Mediterranean.

This captivating part of the world guarantees an unforgettable yacht charter and offers a unique combination of culture, climate and breathtaking coastlines. This dazzling location is easily accessible from the European and American centres and lures superyachts year after year into its majestic haven of unparalleled natural beauty.

East Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean is the ultimate yachting retreat, bringing together beaches, history and picture-perfect islands in utter class and style. The sparkling turquoise waters and impeccable blue skies are synonymous with this region making it one of the finest yacht charter destinations in the world. With unmatched natural beauty this stunning location simply begs to be explored.

The Eastern Mediterranean incorporates an assortment of popular destinations, combining a unique mix of history, culture, mythology, and natural beauty with a blend of amazing colours, flavours and tastes. As you approach from the glittering Mediterranean waters, you will experience a vibrant and warm welcome from traditional beachfront communities, making for an astounding start to your superyacht charter. The natural splendour of this exquisite region is fascinating and often popular for both sailing yachts and motor yachts alike.


Croatia is a Mediterranean gem boasting many hidden treasures along its seemingly endless coastline, as well as a profusion of spectacular cruising opportunities. With hundreds of unspoiled islands, beautiful marinas, historic cities, charming towns and inviting beaches, it’s no surprise that Croatia is rapidly increasing in popularity as a favoured yacht charter destination.

An exciting and timeless destination, Croatia is welcoming more and more superyacht visitors to its daydreamy Dalmatian Coast each summer. Untouched islands are strewn across the glittering Adriatic waters and a multitude of anchorages beckon, making this glorious stretch of coastline simply unmissable. Out of a total of 1,185 islands, only 66 are inhabited and this means a yacht charter here will guarantee seclusion and privacy for that ‘get-away-from-it-all’ feel. Yet, the Dalmatian archipelago is also extremely rich in variety, with many fabulous inlets, bays and beaches to be discovered, along with an abundance of picturesque harbours and medieval ports to explore.

The Red Sea

With year round warm waters and constant coastal winds, the Red Sea is an idyllic sailing vacation with a backdrop of stunning volcanic islands, endless blue skies and turquoise waters teeming with abundant marine life, this location offers the perfect getaway for any yacht charter. Renowned as one of nature’s last frontiers, the Red Sea is a favoured destination for avid diving enthusiasts with remote diving spots and secluded bays abound with an endemic population of fish and miles upon miles of reef-lined coastline as far as the eye can see.

The Red Sea conceals a whole host of treasures from the natural wonders of the great pyramids to the sun drenched sands of the bronzed desert plains. Nestled to the northwest of the Red Sea, lies the inviting allure of Egypt. Bordered by crystal waters and steeped with natural marvels Egypt is brimmed with a plethora of spectacular delights. The stunning resort of Sharm-El-Sheikh offers some of the world’s most exotic diving opportunities whilst the bustling town of Hurghada is rapidly becoming a favoured yachting destination. From Egypt, cruise southwards along the dramatic coastlines around the Sinai Peninsula down towards the border with Sudan.

Abu Dhabi/Dubai

The largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates, in recent years Abu Dhabi has begun to emerge from the shadow of its neighbour Dubai. Just 50 years ago it was a quaint fishing village comprising a fort, a few coral buildings and a smattering of barasti huts yet today it is one of the globes most exciting and ambitious destinations while still retaining a relaxed and traditional feel.

Already known as the superyacht centre of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is fast becoming one of the most popular luxury yacht charter destinations. It is a place that truly embraces the ‘wow’ factor and it is here that you will find the world’s tallest building, the largest man-made islands, the richest horse race, the biggest shopping festival and the most luxurious hotel.

Delve a little deeper however and you will find a different, more authentic side to Dubai away from its Westernised ways. Whether wandering around the gold and spice souk’s, watching dhow abras weave along the waterways or enjoying the colourful festivities of Ramadam in the Heritage Village, its rich cultural traditions adds a fascinating dimension to a private luxury yacht charter vacation.

The Caribbean

Saturated with sun, this dazzling location offers the epitome of a paradise vacation, with sugar white sun-kissed beaches, a warm climate and beautiful scenery all year round. The Caribbean offers abundant water sport opportunities, clear blue skies and inviting azure waters. This captivating location is brimmed with aquatic life which surrounds dozens of picturesque islands, each unique in character and charm.

The Caribbean is an idyllic location for those longing for a chance to unwind in ultimate serenity. With a delectable year round climate and an over 7,000 lush islands to choose from, the Caribbean is a world renowned destination for luxury yacht charters. With each island different to the next, cruise from one to another whilst exploring the cultures, cuisine and landscapes of this tropical destination.

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