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With an intense spirit that shines from the sun-kissed shores to the character of the locals, this immense continent seems truly alive. From the tip of Chile to the Arctic base of Argentina and the beating heart of the Amazon in the centre of Brazil, South America is a force of its own.

Always upbeat and forever entertaining, South America caters for an entire continuum of travelling desires; space-defying rainforests for the naturalists, ancient civilisations for the historians and endless vistas for the adventurers. From world-class cities to picturesque seaports, there is always something waiting to be discovered in this rich land.

Cruising the coastline of this immense coastline is like sampling a tiny piece of all the landscapes of the world. Beaches and cliffs, rivers and rainforests, mountains and lakes, smooth fjords and snowy peaks are guaranteed to take your breath away.

Chile’s western coast and staggering south is pure scenic inspiration as mountains, glaciers, inlets and islands demand attention from the yachts that cruise their midst. Paired with a romantically artistic soul and dainty coastal port towns, this lengthy country is an ideal destination for the adventurous sailor.

The bright, bold and ever-changing Brazil is an excellent sun-drenched charter destination where cosmopolitan cities, non-stop parties, and life-changing experiences exist side by side. With such world wonders as the Amazon and the enthralling spectacle of Carnival, this is one country not to be missed.

Argentina hums with a tango beat as this Latin American hotspot offers visitors the European treats of Buenos Aires alongside the remote wildlife of Tierra del Fuego. Explore islands rife with delightful penguins, seals and cormorants in this wildly raw Arctic region of the world.

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