When do you want to go?

1 / Dates of Charter

Have several dates in mind. Holidays and special event windows are in high demand and are often booked a season in advance. Your answers to where and when need not be concrete unless you have a specific event in mind, such as Monaco for the Grand Prix. We will be happy to suggest alternatives you might have overlooked. The Mediterranean charter high season is July through August, while the Caribbean is Christmas through Easter, but you might enjoy other areas such as New England or the Pacific Northwest, which can be beautiful in October, or even as far afield as New Zealand and Patagonia, where November through January are the best times.

Who's coming?

2 / Number in your party

On the majority of yachts, the maximum number of charter guests allowed by law is 12. If you have more, we will be happy to find you a yacht that is registered appropriately to handle more than 12 guests, i.e., SOLAS classed. Also we’ll need to discuss the number of separate cabins and beds required. Some yachts have planned space for extra people not officially counted as guests such as a nanny, a nurse, security guard or a personal assistant.

Where do you want to go?

3 / Destinations & Stops

The number of ports you can visit will be determined by the speed of the yacht, weather conditions and availability of space in a particular marina or harbor. Entering certain ports/countries also may be restricted by the size of the yacht or its flag. Some harbors require pilots; some anchorages require permits. Both need to be arranged in advance. We are skilled in this area, we can advise and take care of these matters.

What do you need onboard?

4 / Communications & Entertainment

Will you need Internet access and satellite communications while on board? Do you or your children have entertainment preferences, such as video games, PlayStation or Nintendo Wii? Many yachts have extensive video and music libraries, but favorites can be stocked if requested in advance. Ask us if the yacht is iPod compatible and if so, bring your own tunes.

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