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Croatian, Greek, Turkish

Laced suggestively throughout the East Mediterranean are the colourful coasts of Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, the Greek Islands, Italy, Turkey, and Cyprus.

Croatia and Montenegro
Explore one of the world’s most romantic cities from the famed canals of Venice before crossing the waters to cruise the Croatian archipelago, exploring the delights of the sun-drenched Dalmatian Coast and becoming immersed in the enchanting Dubrovnik. An inspiriting seaside city full of Old Town charm and modern comforts, Dubrovnik is a popular port-of-call. For excellent nightlife, Hvar truly comes alive after dark.

For ancient treasures, there is no more remarkable place than Greece. Home to the Gods of old, there is still something unearthly and magically exceptional about this ardent country. The mainland offers the atmospheric city of Athens and the captivating Katakolon, home to the first Olympic stadium and the Temple of Zeus, one of the Wonders of the Ancient World.

Greek Islands
The Greek Islands are the jewel of the East Mediterranean, each a picturesque slice of paradise strewn throughout an azure sea. From the white-washed beauty of the Aegean Islands to the bountiful shores of the Ionians, cruising the Greek Islands is unrivalled in pure awe-inspiring allure. Here, the cosmopolitan appeal of bustling Rhodes, the seaside-glamour of Mykonos, and the sunset views of Santorini are all within reach.

Across the Aegean lie the delights of southern Turkey, a region rich with picturesque anchorage points and a sea perfect for water sports. Istanbul, Turkey’s vibrant and animated capital is a world of colour, both in its intriguing people, spirited street-life, flavoursome cuisine and vivid buildings. Sail down the majestic Bosphorus stretch or explore the dainty Ephesus, one of Turkey’s best-preserved ancient cities.

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