Time Zone

GMT -3

Best Season

June to September


Danish, West Greenlandic

Cruise through the Arctic pack ice searching for polar bears and walrus.

Arctic Svalbard and Greenland are only a few days sail north from North America or Europe. The long days of the Arctic summer are a time of intense wildlife activity, as these icebound lands come alive with birds, flowers and animals at a few key locations.

Meet the Inuit people of Greenland, cruise fjords choked with icebergs, bathe in geothermal springs, and watch white whalescruising under the midnight sun.

Lying only 600 miles from the North Pole, Svalbard remains simply the best spot—anywhere—for viewing polar bears in their natural habitats. Kayak in bays with tumbling glaciers, search for Walrus on ice floes or hike into the tundra with our specialists. Not as cold in summer as you might expect, these islands have a rugged beauty and offer wildlife encounters that will amaze you.


Heliskiing involves travelling by helicopter to remote and beautiful wilderness locations to find the best off-piste powder skiing conditions.Heli-skiing started in Canada more than 40 years ago. Initially skiers were flown by plane to remote mountain areas to enjoy the superb powder snow to be found there. It wasn’t long before helicopters took over the task.

After a day or two of getting your sea legs about your luxury yacht, it’s time to climb aboard the helicopter with your small group and a mountain guide. As your pilot drops you on an unblemished mountainside, memories of every crowded slope you’ve ever had to endure vanish. As far as the eye can see is mile after mile of unspoilt terrain covered in the lightest, finest powder, in wide open alpine bowls and in old growth forest leading to the valley floor.

After a glorious day of powder skiing, your helicopter flies you back to base where you can ease out your muscles in an open air hot-tub and enjoy an evening of great food and convivial company. And tomorrow you’ll get to do it all again…


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