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Pulsing with a vibrant charm, the Indian Ocean is ripe with pristine brilliance: a slender chain of coral-rich islands resting in tranquil aquamarine waters and boasting innumerable beaches of the purest diamond-white sands. Each island has a unique ecology, many with emerald lagoons rich in mysterious beauty, making this a destination of unspoiled paradise.

Rich with rare opportunity and adventure, the Indian Ocean is a region of vivid culture and an ornate history. Without the domination of towering skyscrapers, age-old rituals rest comfortably beside bustling spice-markets much as they would have done for centuries.

For the discerning traveller there is no destination that offers the diversity of pursuits endemic to the areas within the prolific and dazzling Indian Ocean. Offering secluded idylls of the purest tropical beauty, there is little more that can be said of this region: it is a land of treasure islands and will fulfil every dream of serene repose.

The radiant Seychelles are thought to be the original site of the Garden of Eden, and one visit to this fragrant archipelago will decide you. Nurturing unique species of rare fauna and dazzling flora, the Seychelles are also home to majestic granite structures that date from the dawn of time.

Naturalists will want to seek out the giant tortoises of Aldabra, or reside on the secluded and untouched island idyll of Anonyme. The island of Praslin is home to a casino and a championship golf course, while Intendence Bay is home to several indulgent boutique hotels complete with luxurious spas and premier restaurants enjoying a spectacular setting.

Known as the pearls of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are the epitome of resplendent tropical islands. These ancient coral islands are rich in natural treasure: tranquil azure seas kiss the sugary beaches that stretch for miles, rich in tantalizing seclusion. The bountiful sea surrounding this chain of thousands of isles is teeming with diverse marine life and healthy coral atolls which are home to the rays, turtles, lobsters and mammoth school of fish native to the area.

Around 200 islands in the Maldives archipelago are inhabited, which leaves a wealth of immaculate cays and islets to delve into deeply. With thriving reefs fecund with life, every kind of diver, whether novice or advanced, will adore the stunning underwater display.

Andaman Islands
The most undiscovered of all the Indian Ocean treats are the Andaman Islands, providing voyagers with the perfect seaside escape. Still charmingly rustic, though dotted with a few first-class barefoot resorts, the islands are ideal for admiring exotic wildlife, unwinding on deserted beaches and enjoying romantic ocean-front picnics.

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