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The Middle East is a place of exotic tradition that few dare to explore; rich in natural resources and resplendent beauty, the coastline of the Middle East is breath-taking. Though many may argue the boundary lines, one thing is certain: this ancient cradle of civilization is bursting with intriguing adventure and glorious luxury.

For travellers searching for a truly rewarding foreign adventure, the Middle East delivers on all fronts. Home to some of the world’s most significant cities – Baghdad, Damascus, Jerusalem, Dubai – and the foundation for three great world religions – Christianity, Islam, Judaism – history buffs will not find the Middle East wanting in any respect.

From ancient civilizations to sparkling seas and emerald oases, the breath-taking landscapes of the Middle East offer innumerable opportunities for exotic adventures and unimaginable experiences.

The countries that are included within the rich area known as the Middle East are as controversial as they are stunning: from Israel to Dubai, the array of destinations housed in and around this stocky peninsula are as varied and ancient as the seas that surround them.

Intrepid travellers will want to head outside the norm and visit not only the ancient religious centre of Jerusalem and the accompanying Dead Sea, but also swing low into the Persian Gulf and experience the sumptuous luxuries on offer in the oil-rich epicentres of Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

Widely peopled by gracious and hospitable locals, the countries of the Middle East have the market cornered on polished, welcoming service that is both lavish and unobtrusive. Travellers to the area will rejoice in the spellbinding landscapes that vary from palm fringed oases in a sea of sand, majestic Northern mountain peaks, and the glorious bounty of life held within the Red Sea.

The cuisine will be probably be considered the most obvious evidence of Middle Eastern influence though each country will name dishes differently, most notably in the instance of the kebab, known as doner in Turkey and shawarma in Arabic destinations. Flatbreads as well are prevalent, and can be found as far east as China.

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