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Enriched by the prolific maritime history of the New England coast, the flamboyance of Mexico, and the rugged desolation of the Pacific Northwest, the Americas are an enthralling destination encompassing every taste and predilection. Bursting with outdoor adventures as well as timeless luxury, this diverse coastline will amaze and enrapture.

New England
The dichotomous landscape of New England is sure to thrill and excite: sprawling historical manses and manicured gardens overlap with quaint fishing villages along the ruggedly beautiful coastline and picturesque harbours.

New England is host to a number of nautical hotspots, most notably Newport, one-time yachting capital of the world and home of the America’s Cup race. Martha’s Vineyard is a stunning island destination, lush and luxurious, while Nantucket is quintessentially ‘New England’ with its clapboard houses and glorious maples with their autumnal flames of gold and red.

Baja Peninsula
The Baja Peninsula is a exquisite desert paradise located south of North America’s glittering west coast. Famous for its crystalline water and world-class sport-fishing, the coastline is dotted with remote, idyllic coves with private beaches begging to be explored. All areas within this region offer distinctive, zesty cuisine, warm hospitality and quaint mud-based pueblo architecture.

Pacific Northwest
Known for its rugged, intensely rural landscape, the Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most breathtaking and feral scenery south of the poles. With a pristine coastline of unabated wilderness, unique marine life and native species thrive and flourish here, which make it an intensely popular area with naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Glacial valleys, sheltered fjords and awesome mountain peaks abound in this wild land. As the sun rises above the distant ranges until it sets beneath them with glorious streaks of red, gold and illusive green, every moment will be piercingly momentous.

Florida, beautifully situated on the USA’s south east coast, is host to a seemingly endless array of attractions; those both glitzy and unique. Besides being home to the world favourites of Disney World and Universal Studios, Florida also boasts grand cities, chic coastal towns, sublime beaches and a warm spirit.

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