Time Zone

GMT +11

Best Season

May to October


English, Tok Pisin

Not bound by the infrastructure of tourism, the tiny and beautiful Papua New Guinea offers a truly authentic and diverse charter experience. Mountainous, unspoilt terrains are home to ancient tribal cultures and historic sites, its vibrant jungle is filled with thriving wildlife and the translucent waters that lap the shores are bestowed with a rich and colourful underwater world amongst the reefs.

Situated just north of Australia on the eastern side of the island of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is only a ninth of the size of Australia yet its bio diversity is just as rich with a plethora of wildlife living there. It is made up of a multitude of complex cultures, many of which are made up of just 600 or so people. This kaleidoscope of civilisations speaking more than 800 indigenous languages means that the country is home to a vast range of art, music, dance and handicrafts. The Island of New Guinea is the second largest in the world and perfect for a yacht charteritinerary that incorporates breathtaking outlying islands such as the Solomon’s and the Bismarck Archipelago.

For a glimpse into the lives of PNG’s tribal cultures, head to the Highlands for one of the traditional local festivals full of dancing, music and colour. The famous Kokoda Trail is a 96 km hike through the Owen Stanley Range that stands as a legacy to the Australian diggers who surpassed the Japanese forces here during World War II and prevented an invasion into Australia. The lowlands are jungles and reminiscent of what you might see in Southeast Asia. Here Birds of Paradise soar amongst the trees, kangaroos bound along forested tracks and unique flora and fauna flourish in the lush atmosphere.

Also part of the eastern provinces, and about as far off the beaten track as you can get, the D’Entrecasteaux Islands are like the land that time forgot, mountainous, dense and totally undeveloped, perfect for adventure. For some rest and relaxation however, take a tender over to explore the idyllic islands near the southern mouth of the passage and beyond, the most easily accessible of which is Sohano Island. The beautiful waters of the South Pacific are ideal for all manner of watersports, from whizzing around on jet skis to discovering strange looking fish beneath the waterline.

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