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In the secluded grandeur of the South Pacific lie a group of islands distinctly different from any other worldly sanctuary. Here, unparalleled allure is found in luscious rainforests, scintillating reefs, and staggering mountains.

As these floating marvels materialise from the ocean, there is no doubting their pure unadulterated beauty. From the glistening sands of Tahiti, to the deep lagoons of Fiji, the islands of the South Pacific are simply brimming with fascinating destinations.

On the north-east coast of Australia lays the exquisite gift that is the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the natural world and a genuine Eden. Veiled by the inky-blue of the Pacific is an abundance of remarkable marine life sheltering in the breathtaking coral cays that paint a rainbow of colours across the ocean-floor. Above this miraculous world sit hundreds of delightful tropical islands with some of the world’s finest sun-blessed, golden beaches.

Vanuatu and Fiji
Sailing east from this majestic coast finds the adventurous archipelagos of Vanuatu and Fiji. Offering unspoilt lands of extreme tranquillity combined with an amazingly unique array of activities, these gorgeous islands are rich in ambience and luxuriously laid-back.

French Polynesia
Further east are the idyllic islands of French Polynesia, an enticing collection of volcanic islands and atolls sprinkled across the South Pacific. Known for its incredibly warm hospitality and fiery sunsets, the French Polynesia offers a privileged encounter with tradition, relaxation and luxury. Honeymoon favourite Bora Bora is as dream-like an oasis as can be found, while Tahiti is the epitome of indulgent relaxation, both surrounded by heavenly stretches of impossibly-white sands.

New Zealand
In the Pacific’s deep south is the natural adventure-paradise of New Zealand. From dynamic Auckland in the north, to the grandiose Fiordland in the south, New Zealand is an absolute wonderland of outdoor activity, natural beauty and intriguing culture. A scenic dream, New Zealand is a unique world of tropical rainforests, snow-capped mountains, and volcanic mud pools.

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