Number of guests



45 m

Cruising Speed

10 knots

Big Fish is all about unique, thrilling, life-enriching experiences. It’s about taking you places that no other luxury yacht has gone before in a level of style, safety and comfort never seen before in a true expeditionary vessel. It’s about you and doing it your way.

Scuba dive the world’s most spectacular reefs. Explore remote islands of intense natural beauty. Experience remote cultures and see the ocean’s most magnificent creatures. Sail, kayak, kite board and water ski with your family in the most stunning locations the planet has to offer. Big Fish was built and staffed to provide a window to our beautiful world and create experiences that will live long in the memories, in the heart and in the soul of your family and friends. Chill in the jacuzzi in a secluded tropical bay. Enjoy delectable, lovingly prepared cuisine any time, anywhere…on your own private deck, the infinity terraces of the dining salon or even on the folding stern beaches as the sun sets and the underwater lights create a vista of marine serenity and attract myriad schools of fish to your feet.

Big Fish was designed, built and staffed to provide a true yachting experience, not the stuffy formality offered by most charter vessels, but the relaxed, adventurous, spontaneous kind of cruising that has always been at the heart of man’s passion for the sea. Big Fish can, and will, open up a whole new world of undiscovered pleasures. If previous charters have left you wanting more, Big Fish delivers on every front. Stunning contemporary luxury, innovation at every turn, and a delightful, fun-loving, thoroughly professional crew who are focused entirely on your safety, your comfort, and your pleasure. Their mission is simple…to ensure that you and your guests enjoy the time of your lives. You will.

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