Number of guests



41.80 m / 137 2 ft



Built in 2020 SANGHA has 5 cabins and can acommodate up to 11 Guests.

SANGHA represents a young, clean, calm space. This is reflected in its carefully chosen name, SANGHA – “spiritual family, we are all connected through the soul”.

SANGHA’s design was driven by the young client, who has a strong sense of self, family and loyalty, she has a beautiful energy force which encapsulates calm and cool balancing with warm and fun. The keywords for the project were; timeless, stylish, simple, unconditional, infinity, unity, soulful, young, fresh, elegant.

All interior design aspects were thought about with immense attention to detail. We worked with the sense of flow of the yacht. We carefully considered how a young client would move around these spaces. How they would work. How they would socialise. How they would feel.

The artwork has its own story and has been placed in each space to envoke thought and feeling. The importance of choosing the art to work in symbiosis with Sangha was very close to the clients heart.

The energy onboard is zen and peaceful with a real feeling of strength and clarity running throughout.


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