The West Mediterranean

From the rustic chic of Sardinia to the glamour of the Côte d’Azur, this intriguing part of the world makes for an unforgettable cruising destination. Beneath the obvious beauty of the region lies bustling cities and hidden villages enriched with spirit and dripping in luxurious offerings.

The East Mediterranean

Laced suggestively throughout the East Mediterranean are the colourful coasts of Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, the Greek Islands, Italy, Turkey, and Cyprus.

The Galapagos Islands

Discover the pristine eco-cruising grounds of the Galapagos, which remain almost as untouched as when Charles Darwin used these islands as an on-site laboratory where he concocted his theories of evolution, natural selection and beyond.

Northern Europe

Sitting high above the endless sun of the Mediterranean and lying far from the ancient ruins of the south is a region blessed with an eclectic European charm of its own.

The Baltic Sea

Hidden in the bountiful seas of the north are a treasure trove of European delights proudly basking in the beauty of their surrounds. The Baltics are the ultimate surprise package; a mixture of marquee ports offering some of the world’s greatest sights, and more offbeat destinations bursting with hedonistic pursuits just waiting to be discovered.

The Caribbean & Bahamas

December tAbundant ivory-sand beaches, crystal-blue sky mirrored by the serene water below and verdant palms bending in the balmy air; the perfect paradise. The lush landscape and lavish sea of the Caribbean teem with a rare diversity of life that help make it the premier destination for travellers seeking everything from calm repose to breathtaking adventure.

North America

Enriched by the prolific maritime history of the New England coast, the flamboyance of Mexico, and the rugged desolation of the Pacific Northwest, the Americas are an enthralling destination encompassing every taste and predilection.

Central America

Bursting with more varied landscapes and cultural diversity than any similar-sized place on the planet, Central America is a diminutive region that packs a power punch. Caribbean waters and glittering sands line the eastern coast while the lush jungle canopies and cloud forest of the central areas lead to an utterly divine Pacific shoreline.

South America

With an intense spirit that shines from the sun-kissed shores to the character of the locals, this immense continent seems truly alive. From the tip of Chile to the Arctic base of Argentina and the beating heart of the Amazon in the centre of Brazil, South America is a force of its own.


A frozen paradise unspoiled by human hands and uninhabited by anything other than the native species that have existed here since time immemorial, Antarctica is a true wilderness. Towering icebergs slumber in frigid waters of the deepest cobalt, while on the luminous ivory shores life thrives in a beautiful and humbling setting.


Cruise through the Arctic pack ice searching for polar bears and walrus.

Arctic Svalbard and Greenland are only a few days sail north from North America or Europe. The long days of the Arctic summer are a time of intense wildlife activity, as these icebound lands come alive with birds, flowers and animals at a few key locations.

The Middle East

The Middle East is a place of exotic tradition that few dare to explore; rich in natural resources and resplendent beauty, the coastline of the Middle East is breath-taking. Though many may argue the boundary lines, one thing is certain: this ancient cradle of civilization is bursting with intriguing adventure and glorious luxury.

The Indian Ocean

Pulsing with a vibrant charm, the Indian Ocean is ripe with pristine brilliance: a slender chain of coral-rich islands resting in tranquil aquamarine waters and boasting innumerable beaches of the purest diamond-white sands.

South East Asia

One of the most captivating destinations in the world, southeast Asia is an exotic array of glittering, mysterious landscapes: Vibrant coastlines and breathtaking sites of ancient beauty are woven through with radiant mysticism and a Buddhist tranquility.

The South Pacific

In the secluded grandeur of the South Pacific lie a group of islands distinctly different from any other worldly sanctuary. Here, unparalleled allure is found in luscious rainforests, scintillating reefs, and staggering mountains.

Papua New Guinea

Not bound by the infrastructure of tourism, the tiny and beautiful Papua New Guinea offers a truly authentic and diverse charter experience. Mountainous, unspoilt terrains are home to ancient tribal cultures and historic sites, its vibrant jungle is filled with thriving wildlife and the translucent waters that lap the shores are bestowed with a rich and colourful underwater world amongst the reefs.

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